22 Short LRN Copper Plated 29gr Low Noise 1095fps

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Winchester 22 Short Ammo, LRN, Copper Plated, 29gr, Low Noise, 1095fps, Small Game Rimfire Cartridges, 50/Box

The perfect round for when you have close up work or need a quiet, small projectile that won’t cause too many concerns with penetration. This Winchester Super-X .22 Short is a great option for ranch duty, dispatching beef cattle or goats and pigs humanely, without a ton of noise to scare other animals or cause problems with noise pollution. A great option for those that are learning to shoot, with the perfect companion being a bolt action rifle in .22 Short or .22 LR.

Note: while a .22 Short can be shot out of a .22 Long Rifle or a .22 Long chamber, it can also cause throat/chamber erosion over time. It is not a dangerous exercise to shoot these small .22 Short cartridges in longer chambers, unless/until there is throat erosion. A small amount of volume will not necessarily cause these erosion problems, but you should be aware of the potential for the damage/safety concern.

The .22 Short is a great round for general purpose use and for when you are wanting the absolute lowest recoil or noise out of a mainstream load. This is a box of 50 rounds of 29 grain .22 Short ammunition.
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