Caldwell Lead Sled DFT w/ M&P Alpha Muff Combo

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Caldwell Lead Sled DFT w/ M&P Alpha Ear Muffs Combo (A $65.00 Value FREE)

The Caldwell Lead Sled DFT Rifle Shooting Rest offers a dramatic upgrade to the original Lead Sled. Dual Frame Technology provides increased stability and allows 22″ of front to back adjustment to accommodate any long gun. It utilizes the same windage and elevation adjustment system as the Caldwell Rock BR Competition Rifle Front Shooting Rest, making adjustments extremely fine and consistent. Padded front and rear cradles protect your firearm and rubber tipped feet offer no-skid support on any surface.

•Up to 98% recoil reduction
•Adjustable height front rest
•3″ front elevation adjustments
•2″ rear elevation adjustments (fingertip adjustable)
•30″ windage adjustment @ 100 yds
•Rubber, non-skid tripod feet
•Cradle has 18″ of adjustment to fit nearly any rifle or shotgun
•All-steel construction
•Holds up to 100 lbs of shot for maximum recoil protection
•Cradle post is 1-12 UNF thread
.M&P Alpha Ear Muffs Combo (A $65.00 Value FREE)

Installing the rear pad/cover on the rest:
The cover is shipped as a square shape, since it's not folded to fit the rest. Sit the cover on a flat surface so that “Caldwell Lead Sled” is readable and is at the lower left. On the right edge of the pad there is a strip covering some hook-&-loop fastener material and there is an opening at the top right corner of the cover. Place one hand inside the cover and grasp the top of that hook-&-loop fastener strip and pull it into the opening. Keep working that part down until the hook-&-loop fastener strip is horizontal. What needs to happen is that the hook-&-loop fastener strip and the top part of the cover that's covered with black vinyl will flip inside the green nylon portion of the pad.

The original top right corner of the cover should now be the bottom of the “pocket” for the rifle's buttstock.

At this point, the cover may be slipped down over the steel back part of the rest, and the cover is then held in place by the hook-&-loop fastener straps at the bottom.
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