Mark II Medium IDPA Silhouette 22 rifle up to 30

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Taylor Target Pro-Series Mark II.

Pro-Series Mark II is a 20″H x 12″W silhouette that has laser scoring boundaries and comes with the chains and frame to fit the Taylor Targets “Pro-Series Base” sold separately. You can also use the Taylor Targets “Brackets” sold separately to hang the Mark II. The Pro-Series Mark II is rated for .22 rimfire through big bore rifle.

This target is to be used at 100 yards for rifles and 25 yards for handguns.

Pro-Series Mark II MUST be used with the Taylor Targets “Pro-Series Base”.

Style: Pro-Series Mark II Targets: 1-20″H x 12″W Silhouette, chain and Frame or brackets Use: .22 rimfire-Centerfire handguns/rifles caliber Materials: Heavy-Duty AR500 Steel.

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