Peters 12ga 1 1/8oz, #8, 2 3/4″, 1145fps Shells

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Peters Premier Blue 12ga 1 1/8oz, #8, 2 3/4″, 1145fps, 2 3/4 Dram Field & Target Shotgun Shells

A THROWBACK TO A SIMPLER TIME AND PLACE. Featuring retro packaging and high quality components, Peters Premier Blue Field & Target ammunition is sure to please the most seasoned veterans as well as the new shooter just getting into the sport.

FEATURES •Pleasant to shoot, superior on-target performance
•Perfectly finished round lead shot & stitched wad for tight, uniform patterns
•8-segment Peters crimp
•Kleanbore Priming for hot, fast, sure ignition
•Propellant optimized for top performance. Remington Item # 28726

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