Soft Comb Convert A Stock 1/ 16-5/8″

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Meadow Industries Soft Comb Convert A Stock 1/ 16-5/8″

Custom-fit the gunstock of shotguns and rifles for your best performance and comfort; great when shooting heavy loads! The New Soft-Comb Version offers the most height of 5/8ths inch in 11 precise increments of 1/16 inch; many trap shooters like to add 1/8th inch of comb height when going from 16-yard line shooting to 27 yards. The kit contains 3 spacers of 1/16 inch thick and 3 of 1/8 inch thick; the chart on back of the package shows how to get all the increments of height variations for point-of-impact control. The special shock absorber material has been proven very effective in football helmets and shooting products.

The materials are very easy on your face and do a fine job of reducing shock to your head. Gun noises conducted thru your jaw are pleasingly reduced. Changing spacer height is fast and easy, just pull up one side of the pad, add or remove a spacer and stretch the slightly elastic pad back in place over the Velcro® fastener. The well-known adjustable combs usually require Allen wrenches and spacer washers to obtain repeatable settings; all this requires more care. This soft-comb has just the right firmness. Meadow Industries Item # SCC-11

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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