Triumph 40 Series, E-Lock, Black Gloss

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Champion Triumph 40 Series, Electronic Lock, 49 Gun Capacity, Black Gloss.

BODY: Two-Inch Thick Composite Walls. 10-Gauge Steel Walls. Three Layers of Fire Insulation. Double-Steel Door Casement. Dual Fire Seals.

MAXIMUM SECURITY DOOR: Exclusive Five-Inch Thick Double-Step Door. 1/4″ Outer Door Steel, 12-Gauge Inner. 1/2″ Reinforced Door Edge. Three Layers of Fire Insulation. Internal Ball-Bearing Hinges. Five-Spoke Handle with Slip Clutch.

BOLTWORKS: Four-Way Active Boltworks. Up to 20, 1 1/2″-Diameter Bolts. Bolt-Detent System. Roughneck Bolt Guides. Cam-Lock Pressure Reliever.

LOCK PROTECTION: Sargent & Greenleaf Group II Dial Lock. Champion's Auto-Relock System. Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate.

INTERIOR: Plush Velour Interior. High Capacity Gun Rack. LED Lighting with Motion Sensor. Internal 120-Volt Outlet. Deluxe Door Organizer.

RATINGS: 1650 degrees F for 90-Minute Fire Rating. Phoenix Class IV Fire Protection. Tested in an ASME Certified Facility. UL Security Rating. Lifetime Warranty.

38″W x 66 1/4″H x 28 1/2″D Total Depth, 1100 lbs. Outer Shell Thickness 10 ga. Door Steel Thickness 3/8″. Active Bolts 16-1 1/2″. 49 Gun Capacity.

Champion item # TR-40

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Weight 1100 lbs


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