WIN 7.62x39mm 123gr FMJ 20/Box Centerfire

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WIN 7.62 x 39mm 123gr FMJ Centerfire Ammunition, 20/Box

American-made 7.62×39 ammo, complete with reloadable brass cases? It's time to hit the range!

This 7.62×39 ammunition is loaded with a 123 grain full metal jacket projectile. It's a great load for range training or plinking and in your AK-47, you're going to get reliable feeding, ejection and overall performance. With boxer primers and brass casings, these rounds are also a great choice for reloaders. This load screams out of the rifle at a muzzle velocity of 2,355 feet per second and delivers muzzle energy of 1509 foot pounds.

In this package, you'll get 20 rounds that are ready to load up and hit the range.

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