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Your price for the items shown may be less than what is shown for the total. (wads & primers are sold by lower 1000 units & 5000 units [case] prices)  Your order will not be shipped until you have approved the corrected price.  In the case of POWDER AND PRIMERS there is a HAZARDOUS MATERIAL HANDLING FEE.  At this time the fee is $33.00 for POWDER AND PRIMERS via UPS.   If you are in the Spee-Dee Delivery service area your HAZARDOUS MATERIAL HANDLING FEE will be $16.50.   At this time our online store charges the $33.00 fee, if you are in the Spee-Dee Delivery area we will issue a refund. Spee-Dee Delivery is only available to the following states:  North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska (Limited Area) and a limited area around St. Louis, Missouri.

Shipping for two (2) bags of shot via US Postal Service is:  $16.20

When entering your credit card expiration date, please enter the month with two (2) digits. (EX: 01)

Please note that we charge sales tax in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan.