7mm 184gr F-Open Hybrid Target Bullets, 100/Box

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Berger 7mm (284 Diameter) 184gr F-Open Hybrid Target Bullets, 100/Box

F-Class is one of the fastest growing precision rifle shooting disciplines, requiring the very best precision and accuracy to compete at the top levels. Rifles and other equipment have continued to advance as the sport becomes ever more competitive, and Berger has always been dedicated to making the very best bullets for our shooters. In a collaborative effort with the US F-Open Rifle Team, we decided we came up with this bullet.

Our renowned ballistician, Bryan Litz, designed the new 184gr F-Open Hybrid to be slightly heavier, slightly longer and have a more aggressive ogive shape; giving it a ballistic advantage to our existing 7mm 180gr Hybrid and VLD Target bullet designs. This bullet complements the 30 cal 200.20x Hybrid Target bullet, which was designed specifically for F-TR. Just like our 200.20x bullet, we took an existing design and optimized the ballistic profile to make it even better.

The 7mm 184gr F-Open bullet is ideal for loading into 7-08 Rem, 284 Win, 7mm SAUM, 7mm RUM, 7mm Rem Mag and other popular 7mm cartridges. This is not loaded ammunition. Berger Item # 28408

Technical Notes:

Caliber: 7 mm
Bullet Weight: 184 Grain
Product Line: Hybrid Target
G1 BC: 0.695
G7 BC: 0.356
G7 Form Factor: 0.937
Minimum Twist (or faster): 1:9″
Ogive Style: Hybrid
Base Style: Boat Tail
Jacket: J4 Target Jacket
Sectional Density: 0.326
Bullet Dia.: 0.284
OAL: 1.575
Base to Ogive: 0.82
Nose Length: 0.808
Bearing Surface: 0.542
Boat Tail Length: 0.225

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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