CCI 22ca Short 29gr CPRN Ammo 1080fps 100/Box

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CCI 22ca Short 29gr CPRN Ammunition, 1080fps, 100/Box

A great all-purpose round for anything in the backyard or where very small game and short range needs exist. The .22 Short is perfect farm round, for dispatching animals for butchering, for squirrels and small game that are either a nuisance or a target for the dinner plate. The versatility of the round is understated, but shouldn’t be perhaps. It continues to be enough to do all the small jobs without having to claim to be anything that it isn’t.

The velocity of this round is just under the speed of sound which makes it subsonic and lacking in the annoying crack of the sound barrier when in use. The already lower sound of the reduced powder charge, the adequate bullet (a copper plated 29 grain projectile) and the ability to use it with amazing success out of suppressed weapons give you a little powerhouse that is about as unpretentious a cartridge as you can find.

The classic chambering of .22 Short gives you a dearth of firearms still able to shoot it natively, but you can also shoot it out of a .22 LR, which if done sparingly will have little adverse effects on your firearm. If shot a lot out of a .22LR, it can leave chamber erosion that could lead to poor extraction and less accuracy.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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