Vari-Brite-Site III Red, Green & White Crossfire

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Meadows Industries Vari-Brite-Site III Crossfire Eliminator

How To Use Vari-Brite-Site III: Use your normal shooting techniques and this sight will help you. Or for extreme cases, go through your setup procedure to be ready to make a shot on the line, as you shoulder the shotgun, and when at your hold point, check your figure 8 sight picture to see the color, promptly go to soft-wide vision and promptly call for the target, recognize the targets direction and merge the color toward the target, as you lock-on the target with sharp visual focus, try to see the color in your peripheral vision and react to the targets path; make a good swing through the target as you see color. If you see color, only the correct eye is in control and the target breaks. You are not bead checking, just using peripheral vision to see the noticeable color while sharp eye focus is locked to the target. This is easy to do for narrow angle target paths; you may have to develop more skill for wide-angle targets; practice is necessary. Let the target rise from under the gun to above the gun so your aiming eye can see the target path–very important.

The bright sight-rods give a clear bird-bead image for fast accurate shots. The crossfire eliminator helps hold eye dominance with 2 eyes open and helps prevent the non-aiming eye from taking over; you hit the target you see. If the non-aiming eye aligns the front bead with the target, you get a crossfire miss by 3 to 6 feet at 35 yards. This sight helps solve the complex problem of crossfire missing and has helped many shooters! The problem of switching eye dominance during the swing to the target is currently over 30% for males and 60% for women.

Vari-Brite-Site III helps hold eye dominance during the swing and some shooters with opposite eye dominance from their shooting-shoulder can be helped; it is a function of the person's amount of eye dominance. Using 2 eyes open is the best way to shoot. The complete sight includes interchangeable snap-in fiber optic sight-rods of bright fluorescent red, green and white to suite the shooting conditions. The sight base fits all ribs wider than 1/4 inch; it is secured by strong 2-sided adhesive and is easy to apply (does not damage your gun barrel and is easily removed with heat and 17 lb fishing line by sawing thru the semi-hard adhesive layer). The front sight bead on your shotgun does not have to be removed to apply this sight.

The Meadow Industries Vari-Brite-Site 3 helps all skill levels of competition and hunting. Fiber optic rod brightness will vary to match the surrounding light–hence the name Vari-Brite Site. The sight makes it easy to learn to shoot with 2 eyes open. Dominance of the aiming-eye is held while quickly seeing a clear bird/ bead relationship. Our fiber optic crossfire eliminator enables you to put strong visual focus on the moving target, while your peripheral vision sees the bright sight-rod with only the correct aiming eye; the opposite eye cannot see the bright sight rod due to the built-in blinder. The blinder and bright light beam helps prevent the opposite eye from taking over; the opposite eye can cause a miss by 6 feet at 35 yards. During the swing with your eye on the target, the peripheral vision sees the bright bead approaching at a wider distance from the target; this gives you more time to make a fast, instinctive shot and hit more wide-angle targets. Our sight has sufficient brightness to help hold eye dominance; some others do not! Also, the parts are large enough so persons with reasonable dexterity can easily change sight-rods. The sight rod diameter is .118 inch (3 mm) with the rod and base over-all height nearly equal to the original large Bradley bead (.175 in.); this can lower the shot pattern point-of-impact (P.O.I) approximately 1 inch lower at 40 yards. Meadow Industries Item # VBCE-3

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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