45 Colt 160gr RNFP Coated Bullets 500/Bx

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45 Colt 160gr RNFP Coated Bullets 500/Bx

ACME Bullet Company is happy to announce the release of the 45 Colt 160 RNFP coated bullet.

This bullet is hard cast with 92-6-2 certified alloy and is then coated with the HI-Tek Coating and heat cured. The coating and heat curing process is done 3 times to ensure consistency. The bullet is then sized to .452. The benefits to shooting Hi-Tek coated bullets are: No lead to bore contact, less smoke as associated with traditional lubed bullets, you can shoot higher velocities without lead fouling, and the non-lube groove design is safe in polygonal rifling. This is not loaded ammunition. ACME Item # 45COLT160RNFP Coated

Sized to .452

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