Surelock Freedom Series Flag Safe 25, Black Gloss

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Surelock Freedom Series 25 Flag Safe, SecuRam® electronic lock, 25 Gun Capacity, Exterior dimensions: 59″ H x 30″ W x 25″ D, 60-minute fire rating (at 1400°F); 12-gauge steel, Weight: 560 lbs, Black Gloss with American Flag on the front.

Designed for those who value life, liberty and the second amendment, the Flag Series Home Safe was crafted to give you maximum security and protection, no matter what life may throw your way. Designed with thick, 12-guage steel and a 60-minute fire rating (at 1,400°F), the Flag Series allows you to store your valuables with peace of mind. The Flag Safe can hold up to 25 long guns and boast an adjustable interior with two gun racks and four shelves that can either be adjusted or removed for additional storage. The upgraded interior organizational door panel, with padded pistol pockets, also provides additional storage space for smaller items, like documents, keys and watches, as well as those smaller, handheld firearms.

The exterior features an American Flag on the front of the safe, while the interior is comprised of grey felt, giving this safe an elegant look and feel. The units are fitted with a SecuRam® Basic Electronic Safe Lock and has six active 1.25-inch steel bolts, as well has four dead bolts, making sure that the only people that can access your safe are those you trust.

Backed by Surelock Security's Lifetime Replacement Program – the Flag Series Gun and Home Safe offers reliable protection that safely secures all your firearms and valuables. Protect those who matter most to you with The Flag Gun and Home Safe.

Surelock introduces the Surelock SLS-FRE25 Flag 25 Gun Safe for 2023. This is the ultimate solution for secure firearm storage. Plus, with the American Flag design on the door, this safe was designed for those who value life, liberty, and the second amendment.

The Surelock SLS-FRE25 Flag 25 Gun Safe can accommodate 25 long guns inside the safe, plus four handguns on the door organizer. This helps keep everyone in one place and organized, ready to go. The interior is fully carpeted to help prevent any scratches and damage to your firearms. You can customize the shelving inside by moving the shelves up or down.

The Surelock SLS-FRE25 Flag 25 Gun Safe is constructed of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel in the door and the body. It also features six active locking bolts and four deadbolts for ten to prevent pry attacks on the door. A drill-resistant hard plate and a relocking device will trigger if the lock is tampered with.

In addition to the great security features, the Surelock SLS-FRE25 Flag 25 Gun Safe is also designed with convenience in mind. The Securam Electronic Lock allows you to access your firearms quickly. The interior LED lighting makes it easier to find what you need, even in a dark room like a closet.

With its superior security features and convenient design, the Surelock SLS-FRE25 Flag 25 Gun Safe is the ultimate solution for gun owners who want to keep their firearms secure and easily accessible.

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