Surelock Freedom Series Flag Safe 30, Burgundy

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Surelock Freedom Series 30 Flag Safe, 30 Gun Capacity, Exterior dimensions: 59″ H x 36″ W x 25″ D, Interior Dimension: 56.4″ H x 33.4″ W x 18″ D, Weight: 702 lbs, Burgundy Gloss with Gold American Flag on the front

One of the most patriot symbols is the American Flag. Surelock has designed the Surelock SLS-FRE30 Flag Series Gun Safe with an American Flag on the door to proudly display in your gun room, closet, man cave or garage.

Not only does the Surelock Security SLS-FRE30 Flag Series Gun Safe look great, it also has burglar and fire protection to match. It has a 60 minute fire rating, tested at outside temperatures up to 1400 degrees F. A Palusol fire and smoke door seal is standard. The outside is built with 12-gauge steel and has 6 active locking bolts with 4 deadbolts on the hinge side. This means that if anyone attempts to cut the hinges off, the door will still not open. Each bolt is 1.25″ in diameter.

The Surelock Security SLS-FRE30 Flag Series Gun Safe can hold up to 30 long guns inside. There is a top shelf to help organize your other items and 3 adjustable shelfs on the right hand side which are removable if you have more long guns you need to store inside. There is a power outlet + usb port so that you can plug in a light kit or dehumidifier rod. The body is painted a dark red gloss exterior with an American Flag symbol on the door. The lock is a UL listed Securam Basic digital lock with 1 manger code and 1 user code.

The burgundy gloss exterior features a gold American Flag on the front of the safe, while the interior is comprised of tan felt, giving this safe an elegant look and feel. The units are fitted with a SecuRam® Basic Electronic Safe Lock and has six active 1.25-inch steel bolts, as well has four dead bolts, making sure that the only people that can access your safe are those you trust.

Backed by SureLock Security's Lifetime Replacement Program – the Flag Series Gun and Home Safe offers reliable protection that safely secures all your firearms and valuables. Protect those who matter most to you with The Flag Gun and Home Safe.

+ Gun capacity: 30
+ 60-Minute fire rating (at 1400°F)
+ 12-Gauge steel
+ Includes 6 active locking bolts and 4
dead bolts, 10 Total bolts
+ 1.25” Bolt size
+ Three shelf adjustable interior
+ Door panel organizer
+ Two gun racks
+ Glossy burgundy exterior
+ Tan interior with black trim
+ Bronze coated five-spoke handle and lock
+ Beveled edges
+ SecuRam® electronic lock
+ LED lighting
+ Double power outlet
+ USB Port
+ Guaranteed for a lifetime

SecuRam® Basic Electronic Safe Lock:
+ Features a bronze coated construction
+ 2 Codes: Manager code and User code
+ Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000
cycle quality management program before
it leaves the manufacturing facility
+ Battery Operated (9 volt)
+ UL® Listed

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Weight 702 lbs


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