Recoil Slip Pad, 1/32″ Height, Cheek Pad, Reduces

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Meadow Industries Recoil Slip Pad, Thin 1/32″

The Recoil-Slip Pad effectively avoids the recoil jolt by letting the glancing blow slide under the thin pad. Face abrasion is almost totally eliminated as your face stays fixed on the pad while the gunstock slides to the rear, under the low friction under surface of the pad (see how it works illustration on package). The concept is unique and is Patented on it's own merit; many medical doctors have used this to stay healthier. The pad is only 1/32nd inch thin and has negligible affect upon point of impact; it is dark brown and reveals more of the nice wood of gunstocks. Velcro fasteners secure the pad to the gunstock for easy detachment. The pad can be successfully used over adjustable comb conversions and many other gunstocks for better comfort while shooting.Â

The shooter gets tremendous value and performance when used with the new types of recoil reduction butt-stock pads and devices that cause the gunstock to accelerate to the rear which shocks and abrades shooters face (an example of this is the old hydraulic cylinder built into the stock which allows the stock to quickly move to the rear). The Recoil-Slip Pad avoids face abrasion and is a pleasure of shooting comfort! Meadow Industries Item # RSP-1

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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